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The Black Sea Coast offers an attractive seaside holiday for rest and recreation. The sunshine record is exceptional - nearly 300 days of sunshine the yearly average. Situated in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the Northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The main attraction of the Bulgarian seaside is its variety of nature with over 100 areas declared protected areas and nature reserves. The coast combines perfect beaches with crystal clear and warm water. To the South, the coast flattens and the thick forests of the Strandzha mountain contrast breathtakingly with hundreds of cozy beaches between the jutting rocks. Toward the north end of the coast, the mountains seem to role steeply into the sea and the thick forests offer cool relief during the hot summers. The coast here though steeper it is more developed in terms of tourism facilities. The North boasts a concentration of key tourist destinations such as the sea resorts of Albena, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and the Bulgarian Riviera.
The two main commercial areas of the coastal area are Bourgas and Varna, both with their own airports are rapidly becoming popular holiday destinations for western Europeans and an ideal location for your property in Bulgaria.

Black Sea Properties will be an ideal investment!

Currently the best returns on capitol invested are rural renovation projects. There is a very good demand for these properties once renovated and then offered back onto the open marketplace. The result is they are selling quickly to people looking for clean air and a quiet rural environment for retirement or family holidays, or simply a second home away from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day lifestyle. With fishing, hunting and lots of other rural pursuits on their doorstep they offer something unique to Bulgaria that is not always available in other countries.

The second option is a holiday apartment for your own use. However be very cautious of anybody offering guaranteed rentals. These particular schemes were first seen in the Spanish and Portuguese resort areas as developers became more desperate to sell expensive apartments.

The apartment is usually overpriced in the first place, then they simply give you back your own money. Money that you initially paid to them within the inflated price.

If you want it just for your own use, the price is right, and you are prepared to invest for the longer term, then a holiday apartment may be for you.

The third option is a villa or house. These fall into two broad categories, you can either purchase ready built, making sure you have a written guarantee against future faults of at least one year after construction, or acquire a plot of land and build to your own design. Before making any commitment to a land plot you wish to build on make sure that full regulation is in place, and not that it just falls into an area where regulation can be obtained later.

In order  to buy property in Bulgaria you will need to register a company. We will be pleased to offer you the following services:

- meeting you at the airport;
- showing you properties that match your needs, taste and budget;
- getting in contact with a notary public, responsible for the legality of the deal, who will check     all    the documents related to the property and will check whether there are any mortgages or other encumbrances on the property;
- help you open a bank account with a Bulgarian bank
- consultation about Bulgarian company law and taxation;
- registration of the company at the Bulgarian Commersial register as well as all other necessary registrations;
- we will keep you informed about the latest amendments to the Bulgarian legislation related to company laws and update your company to those changes;

We are ready to help you with anything you may need upon your arrival and during your stay in Bulgaria!

Buying property in Bulgaria involves the following stages:
I. Register a company
- According to the Bulgarian law foreign nationals are not allowed to purchase land in Bulgaria. You would be able to buy a flat or house but not the land on which it is built. This is often inconvenient but fortunately there is a way to overcome the problem by registering a Bulgarian company. The companies registered in Bulgaria are legal bodies. Once you become the owner and manager of a Bulgarian company you are in the capacity to manage the assets of the company, which can include real estate. You will be able to buy any property and manage it the best you can. We are ready to provide you with full assistance with the company’s registration so the only thing you will have to do is be here while your documents are being processed and deposit the money for the company’s capital, which is 5000 leva or approximately 1700 pounds. The capital will be deposited in a special bank account opened by you. It will take us no more than 1-2 days to prapare your documents for registration at the Commersial register. After the company's registration you will be given a copy of the Commersial register's decision with which you can withdraw the deposited capital from the bank or you can ask the money to be transferred to another account.

II. Sign a preliminary contract - When you have decided on the property you want to buy but you cannot pay straight away the price, you will sign a preliminary contract with the seller and give him approximately from 10 % to 30% deposit of the price. The contract will be concluded between your company represented by you and the owner of the property. This is a necessary step so that the seller can prepare all the documents for the sale – the plot and the valuation by the tax authorities. In the meantime you will have time to make arrangement to provide the rest of the money. The preliminary contract has to be concluded when you do not have the whole amount in cash to buy the property at the moment of seeing it.
III. Completion of the deal
- The final stage of the purchase is signing a notary act in the presence of a notary public. All the details about the property – the type, size, location, borders, property valuation, the purchase price, names of the buyer and seller- will be noted in the act. The notary act recognizes your rights as the new owner of the property. This is an official internationally recognized document.