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Спад в броя на сделките, но не и на цените

Real Estate in Bulgaria

The sales of real estate properties have increased significantly for the last year. According to a market research, carried out by the specialists of Evroinvest Estates LTD, the growth tendency keeps rising for 2008 too, although not as dynamically as in 2007.

The growing construction and sales in Bulgaria for the previous years is due to the lack and the shortage of modern residential, trade and administrative buildings. One of the reasons for the rising prices was the market for mortgage loans and the facilitated access to them, and this trend is to stay in future too. The Bulgarian economy, together with the real estate sphere, registered a stable growth in 2007, as according to estimates of Economist magazine it is 6.4 per cent. This is greatly influenced by the Bulgarian emigrants abroad, when they tend to invest in real estate properties in the country. The investment flow, made by Bulgarians who work abroad to their country is 2 billion Euro, or 7 % of the gross domestic product of the country, according to the information of the Bulgarian National Bank. Aiming to provide a stable growth of direct foreign investments, the Bulgarian government made changes to the tax system, as reducing the corporate tax to 10 per cent from 1st January 2008, as well as 10 per cent for the income of the physical persons. These two changes helped a lot to make Bulgaria an attractive country for investments.