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Цените на недвижимите имоти

We, the team of Evroinvest Estates LTD. decided to be completely honest with those of you who visit our site and to explain to you our point of view, concerning the rise of the real estate properties and whether this “balloon”, as journalists call it, is going to burst soon.

The journalists and the brokers of real estate properties have controversial opinions on this: some of them count on the continuous rise of the prices of the real estate properties, on which the income and the availability of the client depend, and the others look for a negative sensation. Low prices of real estate properties are a sensation, of course.

This is one of the reasons for you to have read rather controversial materials on the subject: "Will the property prices in Bulgaria go up or down in future".

In fact there are some indications that in the economically developed countries the prices tend to fall as a whole, but could we compare and equal the economic indexes in these countries with Bulgaria?

We could hardly witness this tendency and there are several reasons for this.

The property market in Bulgaria is quite new and started with very low prices. Even if the British investors withdraw from the Bulgarian market, which is not very probable for the moment, they will then be replaced with Russians, Romanians, Arabs and others, who appreciate how attractive our country is. Few countries can boast with the remarkable nature, a combination of sea and mountain, delicious cuisine, suitable geographic situation, low labor costs (as for the moment), cheap and ecologically pure regions and last but not least – the developing economy in the country for the last years. The prices of the properties are low, but this is at the expense of the easy receiving of loans. This definitely makes us a good destination for tourists and suitable place for investment of capital.

Real Estate in Bulgaria

So in this "balloon" of the prices of the Bulgarian estates can be further put some more air, and those ones who look for a negative sensation have to satisfy with analysis of the foreign real estate markets.